Alura’s Gambit

Title: Alura's Gambit
Series: The Alteruvium Expanse #3
Release Date: February 19, 2018
Author: J.P. Douglas
Pages: 23

Cooper is stranded.

Stranded in a dead end sector of space.

A sector controlled by a corrupt corporation bent on scorching the entire system for profit

He’s almost out of money, and he’s low on choices. The only option is to do what he does best, find a game and make enough money to get out of there. Now, he’s in at a table with a cheat, and he’s determined to outfox the swindler before he finds himself at the mercy of the Croneshaw Corporation. 

At this gaming table, nothing is as it seems, but as the jackpot grows, Cooper might have to take some action to stay in the game.

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