Title: Apotheosis
Series: The Alteruvium Expanse #2
Published by: Wordcooper Press
Release Date: Feb 5, 2018
Author: E.D. Cask
Pages: 17
ASIN: B07949RZ9L

The conflict between magic and technology is growing. In a world where anyone can use technology to supersede magic, Dek has been hiding in the shadows, waiting for decades to take down the tech lords. The coming conjunction of the twin suns provides the perfect opportunity to gain the power he needs to right the wrongs of the tech age.

Will he be able to defeat the notorious Dr. Croneshaw and his minions?

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They were tracking him with their silicone-based probes again. Dek felt the scrutiny, like ants running all over his body. How had they pinpointed him now: DNA, scent, or thought patterns? He gathered what little that remained of his sunpower and disappeared.

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