Call Me M

Title: Call Me M
Series: The Alteruvium Expanse #8
Release Date: April 30, 2018
Author: B.K. Boes
Pages: 36

New Haven Acropolis is an oasis under a dome—at least for the Ri, who manifest powers at a young age. For the rest, the Normals, life is just about surviving day-to-day. Moira Venixa is a Normal girl trying to work hard enough to get her mother out of the dome-patcher chemical plant that’s slowly killing her. But Moira’s whole world is turned upside-down when her true identity is revealed. The Ri will want to destroy her, and the Equality Alliance will want to use her. All Moira wants is revenge. With her life forfeit, she knows she must find a way out—but first, she’ll make them pay.

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