Clockwork Titan

Title: Clockwork Titan
Series: The Alteruvium Expanse #5
Published by: No World Press
Release Date: March 19, 2018
Author: Jon Cronshaw
Pages: 28

When a power-hungry lord reawakens an ancient titan, things don't quite go to plan...

The titan's mind forms a magical bond with an unintended new master--a lighthouse keeper's young daughter, Anna.

Seeing through the giant's eyes, Anna must come to terms with her new power, but with Lord Krauss willing to stoop to any depths to take control of the clockwork giant, Anna must give everything she has to keep her home and family safe.

For fans of epic fantasy who don't have the time. If you enjoy short stories packed with magic, wonder, and intrigue, you'll love Jon Cronshaw's contribution to theĀ Alteruvium Expanse.

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