From Above

Title: From Above
Series: The Alteruvium Expanse #1
Published by: Bad Bomber Publishing
Release Date: Feb 5, 2018
Pages: 30

The community used to revere a Retriever's ability to see the past on command. But they had long since given in to fear and jealously.

After all, no one likes a tattle-tale.

Now, Retrievers like TiaNu spend their entire lives trying forget what they are. However, when a strange ship crashes near her home, she may no longer have that option.

In a world where no one else is supposed to exist, knowing if their unexpected visitors are a threat becomes the highest priority, but when it becomes clear that there are no survivors of the crash, this task is impossible without TiaNu. The only problem is that TiaNu isn’t so sure the personal cost is worth it, especially for a people that never gave a damn about her.

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